Our Process Together



Let’s grab a cup of something cosy and talk about what is it that you want for your project – I love this step, because it allows us to know each other better.



Let’s picture together your ideal outcome, the one that’s going to make you feel: “We did an amazing job”.



This is the moment we make the actual thing happen: you enjoy yourself in a confortable and nice location, and I do what I know.



Look at the sunset. Surround yourself with angels, positive energy, beautiful people, beautiful souls. Your finished project will soon arrive to you.

“My mother became ill with Alzheimer’s shortly before my daughter was born. The course of the disease was very rapid, and within a few months I could no longer recognize her. The pain was so deep that I had put a barrier between myself and the “stranger” I was facing. It was thanks to some photos found by chance that I was able to rebuild my relationship with my mother. Seeing her smile as she looked at me immediately brought me back to our loving relationship, and from there I was able to process the suffering over her illness.

Taking the photos together with Valeria represented for me a kind of emotional testament to my daughter. I wanted our moments of intimacy while breastfeeding her, of love, complicity and play to be able to become visible.
Thank you Valeria for capturing this.”

Alessandra R. (Switzerland)


Hello ★ My name is Valeria.

Portuguese-Argentinian, born and raised in Argentina, SouthAmerica.
Mom of Luz, a tout-petite who only lived through me, born lifeless in July 2021 in Paris.
Introverted, I use my skills to give voice to people and circumstances that need to be shown and told.

The Nurture & Care Project, a long-term photographic project about breastfeeding, took me around Europe several times.


A project for life

Other artists have chosen me to document their performances.


Causes I have documented


Let’s work together.



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